Friday, August 8, 2008

How I got started

It all started with a book, this book in fact:

I received this book from my parents for Christmas. Chapter 2 is all about assessing you personal finances. Of course I've been learning from the start that I need to have money in order to start a business, but this book helped me realize just what all its going to take working on myself before I can even realistically conceive owning and managing a business.

Than a few weeks later my boyfriend and I were watching Unwrapped on the Food Network, and I was introduced to The Grocery Game.The concept just blew my mind and I searched the web for more ideas like that.

This led me to J.D over at Get Rich Slowly, which is now one of my favorite personal finance blogs.Back in May there was a guest post on GRS about the drugstore game from Chief Family Officer.

Well last summer I actually worked at a CVS for a couple of months before I had to leave due to a serious illness, so I am very fond of CVS Pharmacy and was already familiar with Extra Care Bucks but I had no idea the amount of savings to be had when utilizing the program.

Back to the handy-dandy Google for more searches which lead me to Crystal at Money Saving Mom where I began my hand at the deals to be had. Inspired by her series on blogging yourself, I decided to start my own here.

So here I am on the path to control over my own financies so that I have the proper tools to handle my business' finances when the time comes.

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