Saturday, August 9, 2008

Care to help? 8/10

Since I'm still processing how to get the best deals I still run into problems on how to figure these things out.I want to get the best deal possible on the baby page of the 8/10 ads.heres the scenario:

My nephew's birthday is coming up and he's turning 1.I'd like to use the baby deal this week to fill out his gift, however my sister is very particular.

No Huggies Diapers
No Diaper Bag
No Stroller
No Enfamil
No boots or clogs

However she does love Huggies wipes.Everything else is fair game, including Buddies.I do have about $15 in ECBs I could use.I also have the 2/10 I could use as well.

I appreciate any help I can get on figuring this out.I know there are the johnson's printables, as well as some Huggies coupons in the past few papers.

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